XPC Arnold Classic Qualifiers…

Dan Dague from the XPC – Xtreme Powerlifting Coalition is allowing all of my 2016 UPA Powerlifting meets and JJ Thomas's UPA Detroit Barbell meets Qualifiers for the 2017 XPC Arnold Classic Powerlifting meet. After each meet I will submit results to Dan Dague and Dan will keep track of lifters who qualify.

You can go to this link to find qualifying totals: XPC Equipped and Classic Raw Qualifying Totals

Here are all of my UPA meets that will be XPC Arnold Classic Qualifiers:

April 16 & 17 UPA Men's & Women's Open Powerlifting National Championship – Dubuque, IA
July 2 UPA Wings of Strength UPA Women's Pro Powerlifting Show – Tinley Park, IL
July 16 & 17 UPA Iron Battle on the Mississippi – Dubuque, IA
November 12 & 13 UPA Power Weekend – Dubuque, IA

All entry forms for my meets can be found here: UPA – XPC Qualifying meets

You must do an XPC qualifying meet before December 12, 2016.

The XPC Arnold Classic Powerlifting meet should be the goal for all the top lifters in the UPA to make it to. The XPC Arnold Classic is the Grand Daddy of all Powerlifting meets. I look forward to working with Dan Dague and Gene Rychlak (RPS). I will be contributing as much as I can to help Dan and Gene. Thank you to both of them for letting the UPA be part of such a great Powerlifting event!




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