UPA Powerlifting National Championship Information…

I am getting a lot of questions on who can enter the UPA Powerlifting & Bench Press National Championship.

Anyone can enter the Bench Only, Women's Open, Teen, Junior and Masters Full Power. The only lifters who need a qualifying UPA total is the Men's Open Full Powerlifters. I can also waive the the qualifying total. I will do it as long as you have a qualifying total in another federation. Qualifying totals are on the hard copy entry form – Click here Hard Copy Entry FormPlease email me at BCarpenter@UPAPower.com if you would like to have me waive the qualifying total.

This meet is a 2018 XPC Arnold Classic Qualifier.

This meet is a 2017 GPC World Championship Qualifier – Czech Republic. Top 5 in each weight class will qualify. The GPC doesn't publish the Worlds Entry form on their site. The GPC will send me the entry form to give to the qualifiers. You will then fill out the entry form and send it back to me. I will then send in the list of the USA team and all the entry forms to the GPC. You will only receive a GPC Worlds entry form if you qualify at UPA Powerlifting & Bench Press National Championship. So if you plan to be on the USA team you will need to qualify at the UPA Powerlifting & Bench Press National Championship April 22 & 23 at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, IA.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at BCarpenter@UPAPower.com

Thank you,
Bill Carpenter – UPA Events President




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