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Dear Meet Directors,
All Competitors in a UPA, LLC Sanctioned event must have a valid UPA membership. If they do not have a UPA membership they must purchase a membership before the contest weigh ins online at Online UPA Membership Card Application The competitors will receive a UPA membership card in the mail with in a month after ordering. If they don't receive their UPA membership card by weigh ins they can show proof of purchase with the PayPal receipt. We don't accept hardcopy membership forms anymore.

$40 for adult or $25 for Teen. Replacement cards (Only if membership is up to date)$5. All Referees must hold a valid UPA Referee card or the meet will be negated. The Referee test can be downloaded from here UPA Judge's Test

AD – Drug tested division. You must contact me 2 weeks out from your meet and I will send you the drug test kits. Each test kit is $90. Meet directors pay for the drug testing. You must drug test 10% of the AD division.
Meet Directors will agree to send in the following within 2 weeks after the event.

1. Meet Results
2. Record Applications
3. Scale Certifications
4. UPA Membership Applications
5. UPA Membership Fees

Any violation of these rules will result in a negated sanction and potentially no future sanctions with the UPA.

Thank you,
UPA Office

All lifters participating in a UPA Sanctioned meet must be a current UPA member. It is the responsibility of the meet director to check all lifters for their valid UPA Card.

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