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Some of the Rules for UPA Raw Powerlifting Championship

– Cameras, hand held video cameras, or tripod stands are not allowed at any UPA Event. Only Cell phone and GoPro pictures and videos are allowed. Videos and Pictures can be purchased by the UPA Event’s sponsor Monster Pixel. Monster Pixel will have a booth at all UPA events where you can purchase pictures and videos of your lifts. Monster Pixel is the only professional company who can take pictures/videos at my meets and sell them to lifters. Please let your family members and friends know this rule. We will have signs posted at the front door of the meet site and staff to remind competitors and the audience of the camera/video camera rule. We will be very strict on this.
– No coolers or carry in food orders are allowed. The Grand River Center has a concession stand in the meet site. This is the Grand River Center’s rule. Please be respectful of the Grand River Center’s rules.
– Please review the weigh in times on the hardcopy entry form – https://www.upapower.com/…/up…/2015/11/m0123242016CUSTOM1.pdf . The dates and times are the only times we will weigh you in. There is no special weigh ins. NO SAME DAY WEIGH INS. Please make plans accordingly. Please have your UPA Card at weigh ins. There will be 2 lines. One line for the lifters who have their UPA membership card and the second line for the lifters who need to purchase, replace, or look up their UPA membership card. The lifters who have their UPA Card on hand will be first to weigh in. If you don’t have a UPA membership card yet I recommend you get it now. Link for UPA membership card – https://www.upapower.com/?p=232
– This is a Raw meet only. Please review the rules for UPA Raw rules. Link to UPA rule book. UPA Raw rules are on the last page – https://www.upapower.com/…/uploads/2015/11/official_upa_rule…
– Please make sure to make the rules meeting Saturday or Sunday at 8:15 am. We go over the rules of the 3 lifts and cover many other important things about the meet. The lifters who miss the rules meeting are usually the ones who get pissed off about something later on.
– There are absolutely no refunds or transferring of entry fees to another lifter. So please don’t ask. We are 4 weeks out.
Thank you for your continuing support and see you in 4 weeks!




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