Information on the 2022 UPA Power Weekend…

2022 UPA Power Weekend

 We will have a professional photographer for this meet. So, we will not allow cameras for this meet. Tripods are not allowed. Camera phones and small cameras are allowed. No professional cameras. No pictures are allowed inside the platform barricade. The UPA staff has the right to ask you to leave if we feel you are taking professional photos and selling them. We will be very strict on this. Ellen Likens will be the photographer. You can contact her at this email –

Please review the weigh in times. The dates and times are the only times we will weigh you in. There is no special weigh ins. NO SAME DAY WEIGH INS. Please make plans accordingly.

Saturday lifters weigh in Friday – 9 am to noon & 5 pm to 7 pm at the meet site in Exhibit Hall B.

Sunday lifters weigh in Saturday – 9 am to noon outside of Exhibit Hall A and B at the ticket booth.

Please review the roster to see what day you lift on and to make sure you are in the right division. Click here – 2022 Roster List

All Men’s Open full power and all bench only lift on Saturday. All age divisions and women’s open full power, Ironman (Push/Pull), and deadlift only lift on Sunday.

Please have your UPA membership card at weigh ins.  UPA Membership can only be purchased online and not at weigh ins. You will not be able to weigh in until you have a UPA membership.

UPA Membership – UPA Membership

*Please bring your PayPal receipt for proof of purchase If you don’t receive your UPA membership card by weigh ins.

Link to UPA rule book. – Rule Book

UPA-AD Division Banned Substance List – Banned Substance List

Click on this link for all the information on the UPA Power Weekend – Information on meet.

Please make sure to attend the rules meeting Saturday or Sunday (the day you lift on.) at 8:15 am. We go over the rules for the 3 lifts and cover many other important information about the meet. The lifters who miss the rules meeting are usually the ones who get upset about something later on.

There are absolutely no refunds or transferring of entry fees to another lifter or future UPA meet.  So please don’t ask. Please let us know if you are dropping out of the meet.

The Grand River Center will have concessions open for this meet.

I will post flights on Facebook UPA Events on Friday night and Saturday night.

*We will only be accepting Cash at the door for this meet. There will be an ATM by the entrance of the facility. Please let your family and friends know.

 Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions.

Good luck! Travel safe and I will see you soon!

Bill Carpenter – UPA Events President




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